We created My Wellness Doc with you, for you.
We listened to you
We designed MyWellnessDoc based on a research we did involving more than 1000 people, coming from 10 different countries including Australia, France, Italy, Colombia, and more.

We wanted to understand how you perceive nutrition and wellness and what the major barriers and challenges to adopt a healthy lifestyle are.
The 3 keys to success
Thanks to researches and our experience, we understood the 3 keys to build a healthy routine to find wellness:

Personalisation: If it’s based on our lifestyle, needs, goals...
Education: If we understand why we do things
Multidisciplinarity: If it's based on different disciplines - scientific, behavioural, psychological - to work on body and mind in depth.
Our approach
A holistic approach
to body & mind
A lifestyle is much more than just a plan, you have to make it part of your identity
We focus on the science of nutrition and sport, considering aspects such as your morphology and metabolism.

We focus on the behaviour of building habits so you can create and maintain and healthier, happier lifestyle.

We focus on your perception of self, your relationship with food and your self esteem to help you achieve a higher level of health both physically and mentially.
Become independant
Helping you achieve wellness, and giving you the tools to maintain it
We’ll teach you exactly what your body needs in terms of food, training and mental balance, so you can achieve the results you want, and maintain them for life.

We want to help you create new habits and embrace a lifestyle that makes you feel alive.
Balanced nutrition
Balanced nutrition for a balanced body and mind
Balanced nutrition is the building block to wellness.

When you understand balanced nutrition, you’ll know exactly what you need to perform at your peak both in body and mind.

We’ll give you the knowledge and understanding you need to create healthy, balanced meals that will have you feeling great inside and out.
A program for each stage of your journey
Whether you’re well advanced in your journey, or just starting out, our programs can take you to the next level.
My Wellness
To Re-Set body for a first step into your wellness journey
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My Wellness
To kick start or accelerate
your journey to wellness
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