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Personal wellness comes from the right balance of nutrition and training. It’s about knowing what your body needs, and when, so you can perform at your peak both physically and mentally.
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Hi, I’m Mitch, a Biologist Dietician here to help you get the most out of your body, Through education, personalisation and multidisciplinarity, I’ll guide you through your wellness journey giving you all the tools to create a healthier, happier you.
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Re-Set your body and mind in only 14 days
A 14 day program to clean your body with a 360° program: get your nutritional plan, training plan, articles to learn about sport nutrition and mind exercices to learn how to build habits.
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My Wellness
14-days program
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My Wellness
Tailored nutrition plan
Tailored training plan
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to wellness at your pace.
Wellness is not a race to win, it’s a journey to be enjoyed.
Our one-on-one nutrition and training coaching is perfect for those looking for a personalised plan that fits around your schedule.
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My Wellness
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Understand the science behind nutrition and sport
Learn and understand how nutrition and training work to make healthier choices in your everyday life.
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Your guide to balanced nutrition
  • The fundamentals about nutrients (macro, micro, essentials)
  • The details of balanced meals concept
  • How to create balanced recipes yourself
  • 10 easy, tasty go-to recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner
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What makes My Wellness Doc different?
Our program relies on a 3-tiered approach to ensure you don’t just reach your goals but maintain them for life.
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No two people are the same so no two programs should be the same. Together we will define what’s right for your body and mind to achieve the results you want, and maintain them for life.
Independance is something we all strive for with our wellness. Through education, you’ll understand how your body and mind work together so you can not only achieve your goals but continue to make healthy choices in the future.
Achieving one's state of well-being requires recognising our complexity. Only by combining different disciplines together - scientific, behavioural, psychological - we can work on body and mind in depth.
Let's talk about your objectives
Tell me a bit about you and what you hope to achieve.
In our 30 mins call, we will discuss about your objectives and see how to get your there. I’ll give you practical advice you can apply straight away.
Our coach will write you back to schedule the call.
Who better than you could talk about their journey with MyWellnessDoc.
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