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Coaching 1:1

Your guided journey to wellness

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The most personalised nutrition, training and mindset program

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Nutrition and sport combined

The only way to reach your body shape goals: a personalised nutrition and training plan.

Personalised to you and for you

Based on your food preferences, metabolic needs, goals, daily schedule... Reviewed and adapted along the way.

Create healhty habits for life

Learn what your body and mind need to create new habits and maintain your results for life.

We will guide you to reach your psychophysical goals and make you more aware and independant to manage your health. I’ll be the last coach you’ll ever have!

Michele Del Fra

Biologist Dietician, Personal Trainer, Co-founder

Feel the benefits both on your body and mind

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For your body

Achieve your body shape goals and feel your best everyday
Balance your nutrition and physical activity to get the best results possible
Balance your gut with a personalised approach to nutrition
Live life to the fullest with and endless supply of energy

For your mind

Create sustainable healthy habits that fit your lifestyle
Manage any unexpected events while keeping to a balanced diet
Find wellness through a personalised nutrition and training routine
Be more focused both in your personal and professional life
Let's get to know each other
Tell me a bit about you and what you hope to achieve.
Before you kick start any of our programs, it’s important we discuss the results you want, what’s currently holding you back, and how best we can get you there. Leave your email address and I'll contact you.

Everything you need to reach and maintain your goals

Learn now for lifelong results
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Nutrition plan

Based on your needs, food preferences and goal to acheive. With daily menu and shopping list

Training plan

With exercises tutorials videos you can watch on your phone, computer, tablet or TV

Face-to-face video call

To explain your tailored plans, clear out any of your doubts and maintain that human contact you need to stay motivated

Food equivalence

To diversify the ingredients you eat completely independently

Full support

6 days a week, via email or whatsapp, to ask me all the questions you have and clear up your doubts

Private Whatsapp group

To share progress and tips with others!

Get everything right in your pocket

Use the My Wellness Doc members only app to access your personalised plans, track your progress, view the food substitution calculator, read science based articles and more.
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For the Cyber Week, get 50% off your first month!
first month
Following months at 149€.
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Use the code: MWDCYBER21
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*For subscription to Coaching program from the 22/11/21 to the 29/11/21. First month at 74,50€, following months at 149€
first month
Following months at 149€.
Cancel anytime

Taking care of yourself doesn’t cost more than a meal per day!

149€/month, cancel anytime
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If they did it, you can do it too

Who better than you could talk about your journey with My Wellness Doc.
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Our multidisciplinary approach will deliver lifelong results

Our scientific, behavioural and psychological approach gives you a complete guidance to learn what your body and mind need through your fully personalised program and build strong new healthy habits.
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You are 3 steps away from your goal

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Take your personal assessment

Once registered you willl fill in a questionnaire to give your coach all the personal information he needs to create your tailored made nutrition and training plan.

Get your personalised plans

During a 1:1 video call with your coach, he’ll present your plans and explain all the decisions made to adatp it to you. To clear any doubts and set you up for success!
My Wellness
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your journey to wellness
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Tailored nutrition plan
Tailored training plan
Video consultations
Progress monitoring
Food equivalence tool
Dedicated app
Our Ebooks included
A program at each stage of your journey
You are just starting your journey towards wellness or you are already well at a good stage? In both cases our programs will guide you to the next steps.
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My Wellness
Start your journey towards Wellness. Reset body and mind.
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Coaching 1:1
Reach your objectives with a fully personalised approach.
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Manage nutrition and training autonomously.
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