The program to Re-Set body and mind in 2 weeks

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The Re-Set program is based on the concept of food quality to intake. We will replace specific food or group of food with some more adapted to you. You'll always have a handy list of food to avoid and prefer to make it easy for you to adapt recipes to your tastes.


Nutrition and sport always work together for us! If you want to get psychophysical results we need to work on both aspects. In the Re-Set program you'll find bodyweight trainings to increase your training capacity progressively.


Education is key to everything. Understanding the reason why you do things is essential to change lifestyle. You'll find a serie of articles to introduce you to balanced nutrition and sport nutrition, the two main pillars of My Wellness Doc nutritional and sportive approach.


Starting your own journey towards wellness requires a mindset change to change your approach to life. You give priority to want really makes you feel good to reach your objectives. This is why we prepared a set of exercices that will make you, one by one, create new habits to get where you want to be.

Re-Set body and mind in only 2 weeks

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Feel the benefits both on your body and mind
To get psychophysical results you want we need to work on both your body and mind.
Start Re-Set - 9,90€

For your body

A metabolic boost
Reduce sistemic inflammation
Reduce bloating feeling
Increase your daily energy
Better recovery and sense of rest
Weight and fat mass loss

For your mind

A mindset change to create new healthy habits
A better understanding of what your body needs
An increase of your knowledge about balanced and sport nutrition
Is Re-Set adapted to me...
If I'm celiac?
Yes, the Re-Set program only includes gluten free recipes! lt is perfectly adapted and recommended if you are celiac.
If I have dairy sensitivity?
Yes, the Re-Set program only includes dairy free recipes! lt is perfectly adapted and recommended if you have dairy sensitivity.
If I am vegetarian or vegan?
Unfortunately the first version of the program doesn't include a vegetarian or a vegan menu. But we are working on it!
If I follow a specific training program?
In this case, you can still follow the Re-Set program for the nutrition, education and habits creation part of it. You'll still get great benefits!
If your training is particularly intense, we advise you to start with our Coaching 1:1 program in which one of our coach will make sure to create a fully personalised nutrition program to perfectly respect your daily energetic needs based on your training program. Click here to know more.
If I'm pregnant?
We do not recommend to follow the Re-Set program if you are pregnant as you'll have specific needs due to your pregnancy.
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